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SYSTORGY, workshop gratuït 2, 3, 4 de febrer de 2017 amb Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca, Sergi Lario, Oriol Ibanez

Systorgy allibera les eines de software i hardware desenvolupades per l'artista Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca i col·laboradors


DIJOUS 2 de febrer DE 16 a 20 h

DIVENDRES 3 de febrer 16-20 h

DISSABTE 4 de febrer de 16 a 20

És aconsellable portar un laptop amb SO Windows, 1 joystick o gamepad i altres dispositius d’entrada.


HANGAR, Sala Ricson

Emilia Coranty 16, 08018 Barcelona

Systorgy is a platform that offers free tools for writing and subsequent control of interactive environments. Systorgy is based on software and hardware tools developed from 1992 by the artist Marcel·lí Roca Antúnez and his team of collaborators. Since 2002 these tools take the form of the application POL, core labor of Marcel·lí's interactive work and the Systorgy project.

The program allows POL connect different interfaces with various programs and devices actuators and write their interactivity, organized interactions in different parts and content and reuse them in new projects. The platform also offers Systorgy in this first version PIXMAP library based on Open Frameworks and allows control of a wide video.

Systorgy also offers the manual and information necessary to develop two types of control bays based on the technology of Joystick and Raspberry Pi.

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